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The blue and silver together look beautiful. It came with a little cloth to clean it. The price is a great value. I saw this on another site at three times the price and it was considered a sale. This is a great buy. Definitely recommended!

Bought this for my wife's birthday after reading all the reviews. And I have to say it is a beautiful stone. My wife really likes it and it looks good on her. I'm not disappointed. I would recommend it

I love the colors & so did my mom. We also like the way the wings seems to be hugging the heart. I figured she would love it,

I bought a new beautiful ring that is gorgeous. I absolutely love this ring. It has beautifully designed Angel wings with a gorgeous jewel in the middle. It is beautiful and I intend to wear it and let everyone see my new ring.

This looks like an antique piece of jewelry. Adjustable to use with other jewelry items So pleased that I bought it.

This gift means a lot to me. My mom had been sick and I remember she wanted this ring for her birthday. She was in the hospital so while in there I ordered this ring.I wanted to wait to give it to her when she came home.This ring was very very beautiful!!!!

Stunningly beautiful and excellent quality.

So real looking! Always wanted an emerald cut sapphire ring and this is the next best thing to a real one!

This ring is stunning!I have wanted a sapphire ring for quiet sometime,

This ring is so beautiful. It's my birthstone and I've always wanted a set. I finally got it,.

Looks pretty nice. let's see what the wife says when i give it to her...

Absolutely beautiful looks great and fit perfect! I got this ring ..I got this ring as a temporary fix until after the baby comes and it’s a great ring! I have kept it on ever since it arrived about a week ago and haven’t taken it off once and it still looks brand new! Definitely recommend!

It is stunning in it's simple beautiful. Well made, not thin. Definitely recommend.

I love this ring it’s very feminine and the quality is perfect. The fit is spot on. I have been looking for a ring like this for years. The price is more than reasonable

Beautiful and nice quality on the settings, no snagging! I highly recommend!

I am a tough reviewer. But, I have wore this bracelet for weeks without removing. Shower, dishes, all housework etc... This bracelet still sparkles and shines as if new. Love & recommend this item.

Omg! I’ve worn this bracelet for the last couple of weeks and not once has it changed. I’m supporting this company from here on out. What are you waiting for? Order you one too❤️❤️

Bought this for a Christmas gift and its so beautiful I'm keeping it for myself and ordering another one. No one would be able to tell this wasn't real diamonds. In fact it looks better than some of my real diamonds

I’m in love with this bracelet. Like other reviewers ,Yessss going to purchase another one maybe one for each other my daughters.

My wife loves it. And it didn’t break the bank. Hasn’t turned her wrist green yet… time will tell how long the finish will last. Overall worth the money.

hese are lightweight and comfortable, perfect for my needs. I would order again.

The price was unbelievably low, so I had to order them just to see what they were like. Actually, I was quite pleasantly surprised. They are nice!

These were so stunning when I opened the box that I went back to the listing to check the price. It was exactly what I thought it was and I’m still kind of in shock. These would make a great gift for anyone. They are nicely made and just perfectly lovely.

I was very surprised at the quality and beauty of all the rings. They are unique and perfect for casual or dress. I recommend them.

I work in healthcare and wanted some cute rings that didn’t cost a fortune. These are so, so, so pretty. I get compliments all the time from patients.