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I was so pleasantly pleased with this ring. For the low price I paid a was really surprised by the quality. It arrived on time and in nice packaging. I would buy from this company again!

Also, the fact that it’s not an all around ring. I wish it wasn’t the adjustable kind.Would be a great gift for your niece, a promise ring, Valentine's Day gift, birthday ,

Oval Ruby Ring
Peyton B.

This is such a sparkly bobble. Mine arrived last night and I was so excited about it I wore it to bed, Arrived quickly!

Lovely ring. Very sparkly and well made.Also, the fact that it’s not an all around ring. I wish it wasn’t the adjustable kind.

Oval Ruby Ring
Brielle A.

Absolutely love it! Color is a beautiful ruby red, the crystals surrounding are nice and clear & the fit is spot on. It’s very sparkly.

Oval Ruby Ring
Adeline V.

Bought for a hard to fit finger.Great for MY needs size right on. Also, very pretty stones and setting. A favorite of mine.

Oval Ruby Ring
Vivian R.

At first, I didn't think it was big enough but after trying it on, I am satisfied with the size ad how it looks on my finger.. Outstanding quality and reasonably priced. I highly recommend this ring - I don't think you will be disappointed.

Oval Ruby Ring
Rylee C.

I like it. It's pretty. But it sits up really high. Like higher than I've ever seen on a ring like this. And I have a ton of bulky, big fashion rings. It doesn't bother me. It's still beautiful. Fits true to size. The band is nice & thick, so it stays in place. Not heavy to wear or too bulky on your finger. For the price, it's a nice ring to wear out.All in all, I'm happy with it so far.

Oval Ruby Ring
Josephine S.

I am just now getting to enjoy wearing adjustable rings. My hands tend to swell in the heat and I need to go up a size to be able to wear them comfortably. Adjustable rings, especially the ones as well made as this one, means I can wear it regardless of the weather. It's also a beautiful and classic design. I will be buying more products from this company...!

Oval Ruby Ring
Sarah C.

This ring is beautiful and I cannot believe the quality for the price!!

The stone hasn't fallen out which I expected based on other reviews but it hasn't yet. I did like that it was adjustable because I have small fingers and it's sometimes hard to tell my ring size. Ultimately I'm happy with this product it's very pretty and looks good, the packaging is cute and I'd happily pay again

This ring really surprised me. For the money, it looks way more expensive than it is. I usually hesitate to buy my birthstone because garnet rings can be many different shades that are not flattering, in my opinion. This ring is a very pretty shade and really sparkles. The adjustability of the ring really adds to the value also.

This ring is absolutely beautiful and can be gently adjusted to fit perfectly! I have a nearly identical ring with a genuine gem from a jewelry store which was MUCH more expensive, and this one is just as attractive and sparkly. Now, I will certainly take extra care of it to protect this amazing bargain treasure and not subject it to any harsh conditions.

I ordered this for myself because I just like having rings lol and with the picture, I will be honest, the ring does feel a little cheap, but if no one is staring at it for 10min, you probably can’t tell how cheap it is. I expected it to be a little heavier for the price it is

It's a cute ring, I got it for myself after my daughter was born to wear until I get a more expensive Mother's ring in the next year or so. It's slightly odd because the band is wider on the area between your fingers than the part that sits around your finger.Overall for a cheap price, it's a nice ring! The gem is shiny :)

It’s nice, shiny and classy! Their customer service was great! so hopefully the shine and sparkle will last longer!

This ring is very good looking and easy to take on and off. I don't know how many times it can be bent to take off and on before breaking, but at the price and the joy on my mom's face when receiving the ring, it is well worth the price.

Looks very pretty. t’s a beautiful inexpensive fashion ring.They look very well made and don't look cheap at all and have held up beautifully for my girls. Very pretty rings and vibrant stones.

i bought her this same ring a year ago just so she would have something on her finger her fingers swell etc so a normal ring is out. this one works prefect as the gap at the bottom allows room for her finger to swell without hurting anything.

They are so pretty,hey feel so lightweight that I forget I’m wearing them which I need in jewelry to wear it. Overall I think they make my hands look really pretty and compliment my nail polish well. I can’t wait to get more from this brand

I ordered this to wear in place of my wedding rings bought the clear stone and it is very pretty. It is slightly darker in color than I expected in brighter light but very sparkly. I love how you can adjust the size as I still have more weight to lose to reach my goal. This ring is perfect for me and very comfortable,

Got it for my girlfriend for her birthday. She loved it! She is a very hard person to shop for abd was scared that she wouldn't like it, and she really did! Made sure she wasn't just telling me that lol

it was packed in a nice jewelry box and the stone was beautiful and the metal around it made it look antique

Got it for my mom for her birthday. She love it, says it’s very pretty.It was a great value and workmanship

I got this for my mom for mother’s day and it is a really nice ring. Has nice shine and my mom loved it.