Signature Blue Sapphire Ring
Signature Blue Sapphire Ring
Signature Blue Sapphire Ring
Signature Blue Sapphire Ring

Signature Blue Sapphire Ring

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This stunning engagement ring features a beautiful center sapphire, vvs simulated diamonds and is set in 925 sterling silver.

Youstella presents its uniquely designed jewelry. Invest in your style and make a statement with the Youstella collection. Our jewelry is one of a kind and can only be purchased from us.


- Beautiful simulated diamond VVS

- 925 sterling silver plated

- Ethical origin

- Highest quality

- Unique Designs. Only available from us

- Climate neutral & fair prices

- Hypoallergenic

- 100% money back guarantee


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

The blue and silver together look beautiful. It came with a little cloth to clean it. The price is a great value. I saw this on another site at three times the price and it was considered a sale. This is a great buy. Definitely recommended!

Paige M.

Bought this for my wife's birthday after reading all the reviews. And I have to say it is a beautiful stone. My wife really likes it and it looks good on her. I'm not disappointed. I would recommend it

Maureen C.

I love the colors & so did my mom. We also like the way the wings seems to be hugging the heart. I figured she would love it,

Alyssa K.

I bought a new beautiful ring that is gorgeous. I absolutely love this ring. It has beautifully designed Angel wings with a gorgeous jewel in the middle. It is beautiful and I intend to wear it and let everyone see my new ring.

Margaret S.

This looks like an antique piece of jewelry. Adjustable to use with other jewelry items So pleased that I bought it.